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Containers for the cloud-native data tier

Aug 11, 2015 / in Main Blog / by Mark Balch

Some may wonder about how containers benefit cloud-native data tiers, where long-lived processes and persistent data are common. Containers are often discussed in the context of stateless microservices - where web and app server instances (common examples from a large universe) are replicated, deployed, and scaled behind load balancers - silently scaling up and down to meet demand.

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Kubernetes and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Aug 3, 2015 / in Main Blog / by Diamanti

Kudos to Google’s Kubernetes team for reaching the version 1.0 milestone, and for simultaneously announcing the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and seeding it with Kubernetes as a core technology. Stewarded by the Linux Foundation, with participation and contributions from Docker, IBM, VMWare, Intel, Cisco, Joyent, CoreOS, RedHat, Mesosphere, and Univa, the CNCF looks like a great way to drive innovation, collaboration, and standardization around container and microservices oriented technologies. (now Diamanti) has signed up for membership in CNCF and is looking forward to contributing to the next round of discussions and planning. For more details see and

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