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Fast, predictable data tier for developers

Oct 20, 2015 / in Main Blog / by Gopal Sharma

As pointed out in my previous blog, table-stakes enterprise storage features such as replication, compression, and de-duplication are now provided for by the cloud native data tier. This is my first unlearning. Now, I’ll explore some of the asks from the data tier to the storage layer. The one which I want to cover in this post is providing fast and predictable I/O access. What does this mean?

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Unlearning decades of design principles for enterprise storage

Oct 17, 2015 / in Main Blog / by Gopal Sharma

Well, what else can I say; the title says it ALL! And for me, the process of un-learning still continues. Long-held assumptions about what storage capabilities are needed to support applications are increasingly less valid. “What happened?” you might ask. Unless one has been living under a rock, one can’t miss the fact that the world of enterprise infrastructure is under-going a tectonic shift before our own eyes. The reasons go beyond the obvious including media changes (e.g., NAND flash) and movement to cloud (e.g., Amazon, Azure, Google).

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