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Kubernetes scheduler extender

Feb 8, 2016 / in Main Blog / by Ravi Gadde

Motivation Kubernetes(k8s) currently schedules pods based on cpu, memory resources. k8s uses flat networking, the pod pecification doesn’t carry any networking requirements. Hence networking is not a scheduling constraint. Similarly, storage is network attached and hence not a scheduling constraint. To help enrterprise applications achieve consistent performance, I/O (storage & network) and QoS are also important considerations for the scheduler. This started us down the path of exploring extensibility options for the k8s scheduler.

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Why Kubernetes?

Oct 11, 2015 / in Main Blog / by Ravi Gadde

As (now Diamanti) is getting ready for the first KubeCon event, we thought it would be great to share with the community our perspective on why we chose to work with Kubernetes in addition to other open source projects. These were the criteria we used to look for a suitable orchestrator.

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