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Three Secrets to Low-Latency Hyperconverged Storage

Feb 8, 2017 / in Main Blog / by Mark Balch

Everyone brags about IOPS with the advent of flash storage, but the real application performance factor is storage latency. Diamanti achieves 100 microsecond storage latencies, an order-of-magnitude improvement from previous architectures and the key to enabling data-intensive applications requiring hundreds of thousands of database operations each second. How does Diamanti achieve this dramatic performance increase?

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Scalable Test Automation is Secret to Successful DevOps at MemSQL

Dec 12, 2016 / in Main Blog / by Mark Balch

MemSQL is ranked number one by Gartner as the world’s leading vendor for operational data warehousing. Their amazing development team builds some of the most widely used and respected technology in the world. Key to their development success is a continuous integration (CI) process that involves more than 100,000 tests a day. MemSQL relies on Docker containers to enable a scalable test infrastructure that meets the demands of continuous integration.

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